How to register a UK trademark

How to register a UK trademark

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Do you want to register your own UK trademark & make sure you get it right from the start…but feel nervous about how complicated it might be?

Do you want a clear understanding of what the process involves, so you can do it yourself (or brief a lawyer to do the bare minimum)?

Trademarks are NOT scary! A trademark is absolutely critical in building valuable Intellectual Property (IP) assets for your business. It can also prevent problems before they happen because once you have that trademark, you have legally enforceable protection that can stop people from copying your brand.

I’ve trademarked my own brand around the world (without a lawyer, wherever possible!) & I’m often asked how I did it.  

It’s much simpler to do yourself than most people realise. Getting a UK trademark also opens the doors to international IP protection.

This course will inform and prepare you if you’re wondering whether you should get a trademark or if you know you want a trademark for your business.  

You’ll know exactly what you need to think about BEFORE you make that all important application. 

Knowledge is power and I made lots of mistakes through not understanding it all before I did my first trademark. So, if you choose just one extra class you might need in the next 10 years, then I will have saved you at least £170!

This is because each UK trademark application includes only one class. If you add classes when you first register, you pay just £50 for each extra class. Whereas if you do what I did - and realise a few years later you need to add another class - you end up paying the whole registration fee again. Ouch!  

I also didn’t understand that in different countries there are different rules for keeping a trademark alive. So I lost my US trademark in 2019, because I hadn’t filed and paid for an interim part of the process. My lawyer was no longer trading and I had to start all over again. Ouch again!

It’s critical to make sure you always have your contact details up to date too. When you move house, you change your details with the bank, the doctor; the dentist…but don’t forget about updating your IP assets too!

All these are real-life examples of how & why you can lose or waste money, when dealing with trademarks. As with anything in life, you don’t know what you don’t know! Intellectual property is a very valuable business asset to be built up & maintained, which can seem totally intimidating.

I must repeat that I am not a lawyer, but what I am doing in this course is giving you the foundations to make an informed decision when it comes to registering a UK trademark. Then, if you choose to seek legal advice, you’ll be fully prepped up on what you have done already or what needs to be done.  

Inside this course, you’ll find simple videos & instructional guides, taking you through the process step-by-step in less than 60 minutes. And then you’ll have everything you need, to go & apply it in your business!  

Here’s exactly how the course works:

  • Preparation for registering a trademark

1) My tips for preparing before you apply for your trademark

2) How long will it take to get my trademark?

3) Which is better - a logo or a word mark? 

4) Do you need to register a series trademark?

5) What makes a good trademark and what you can't trademark

6) Prevent objections before they happen!

7) How to search and check if your trademark is available on the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

8) You've checked on the IPO…what's next

9) Why you don't want to register McDonald's training your trademark 

10) Classes and why they are important

11) How to find your trademark class with the IPO

12) First to file or first to use - why is it important?

13) How to add services classes

14) How to add goods classes

15) Top tip - a sneaky way to choose classes!

  • The application process

1) Ask the IPO or get legal advice

2) Applying for your trademark standard or Right Start

3) Apply for your word trademark online (step by step video)

4) Apply for your logo trademark online (step by step video)

5) If you want to save your application before submitting

6) How to go back and amend your application before you've submitted

7) You've submitted - so what happens next?

  • Things to consider after you have applied 

Dates for your diary, renew your trademark

  • Applying for international trademarks, from the UK, via the Madrid protocol, an overview

For just £37 (or $49 from Thinkific directly), this simple course gives you the steps you need to register a UK trademark yourself. Or, in the event you do decide to use a lawyer, you’ll be fully educated on what the process involves!

Please note that after signing up, you’ll receive an email from which will have your course login details. So please check your junk mail.

And finally - if you already have a Thinkific account, it’s advisable to use the same email address when you purchase on this site.

Hope it’s helpful (I wish it had been available for me when I started) & wishing you all the best with your trademark!